Hunting Opportunities

We’re located in Steuben County, in the southern zone of New York State, deer management unit 8T. Bow season opens October 1st and runs until gun season, which is the 3rd Saturday in November. There are 3 weeks of gun season, followed by muzzleloader. Shotgun season follows (hand guns permitted,) opening the 3rd week in November and runs for 3 weeks, followed by 8 days of muzzleloader season.

Quality Deer Management

We have been practicing QDM in one form or another since 1996. With an 8 points or better, outside the ears rule running strong to kick off the program back in 1996, we have grown and educated our hunters to not only use this as a tool, but identify mature bucks.

We plant nearly 20 acres of dedicated destination food plots and hunting plots with corn, soybeans, brassica, clover, chicory, oats, wheat and rye each year. Coupling the food sources, strategic doe management, and various whitetail habitat improvements, we’ve grown a strong deer heard capable of supporting a successful season annually for our hunters.

Semi-Guided Hunts - What's Included?

Our hunts are 5 full days, with 6 nights of lodging included. You will arrive on Friday, hunt Saturday through Wednesday, and depart Thursday morning. Stand placements/areas are predetermined based on current deer activity and food sources as well as entrance and exit routes. To minimize unwanted pressure on the deer and their natural bedding areas, we have done the research and set the property up for this tactic.

A welcome meal is provided by Cider Creek Hard Cider, with our taproom and restaurant being located in the center of the property.

Fully equipped cabins, with a kitchen, grill, cooking utensils, hot shower, laundry, and satellite tv are included in your cost.

Archery Season

Archery Season in the Southern Tier of New York is a blast. It runs from from October 1st until the Friday before the gun opener (3rd Saturday in November). This gives you ample opportunity at catching deer in the early season on food sources, during the pre-rut scent checking does, or during the chasing/seeking phases of the rut, before the gun season kicks off. Crossbow hunters are welcome if your physical condition requires you to utilize a crossbow, and must follow all NYS crossbow guidelines on equipment.

Our bowhunters enjoy a beautiful setting in the hills of Steuben County and and exciting hunt, with our property receiving little-to-no pressure.

Firearms Season

The New York State Firearms season for deer kicks off the 3rd Saturday in November each year. We will run our hunts as 5 days hunts with limited hunters and alternating camps to ensure minimal pressure on the herd, to ensure you have the best opportunity at a great whitetail.

Note: Even though Steuben County allows the use of rifles during the firearms season, in an effort to minimize pressure and maximize safety on a property layout that most hunters don’t know, we only allow the use of Shotgun and Muzzleloader during the firearms season.

Late Bow & Muzzleloader Season

When the cold weather hits, this can sometimes be the best opportunity to harvest a great buck. With the increased corn, soybean and brassica foodplots, the late season surge for food has never been better on the property. This is a non-traditional time period for a hunt, and dates may be customized.

Dates will run from the Monday following the regular seasons close, until the following Tuesday, for 9 full days.

Semi-Guided Hunts

Our main property plays host to our Semi-Guided hunts. We spend all year managing the property, so it’s only fitting that our team supports you during your hunt. We have pre-set tree stands, ground blinds and tower blinds to support hunters of all ages and abilities.

Upon arrival, we will plan your week with you based on weather, wind direction, most recent deer movement and trail camera monitoring. Each member of your group will be set up for success with this semi-guided whitetail hunt.

Note: It is customary for a gratuity to be factored into your trip.? Our guides work hard all year to prepare for your hunt. Typical guide tips on Semi-Guided hunts are in the 8-10% of your total hunt cost, and are often tipped directly to the guide supporting you during your hunt.

Success Rates & Quality Animals

On average, we have been hovering in the 30-35% success rate during gun season, and 50% success rates during bow season for our hunters. This is measured on taking quality, mature animals for our area.

We have deer management permits available for doe harvests throughout the season. We encourage our hunters to be selective when taking a doe, and harvest good, mature deer that will provide a great table fare for your family.

DIY Hunting Opportunities

We have a 3rd hunting camp that sits on roughly 300 acres in Greenwood, New York. Equipped with all the same amenities as the main property, we have dedicated this to our DIY Hunters. This 300 acres property consists of rolling hills, field edges, thick bedding areas, and some of the best whitetail habitat you will see in Western, NY.

The same hunting opportunities are are available here, but the hunt will be entirely DIY, and you will hang your own stands, and retrieve your own game. Success Rates at this camp do not vary from those at the main property.